Waiting for Dawn is the story of a young soldier shot for cowardice in WW1. Waiting for Dawn was filmed over 3 very cold, wet, muddy days on location Ipswich. We adapted and dressed existing trenches and farm buildings to create the backdrop to this story of friendships, conflicts and loyalties during the Great War.
Design boards for Waiting for Dawn. The challenge when designing for this story was to create a unique way of visually telling the story within the confines of an historically accurate setting. The cell that our hero is confined in is central to the story - the story in full is told from here, in his flash backs, his memories, in his imagination. The design is based on his emotions during his confinement. He at different times feels confined, small, lost, confused, reflective. Light is a central theme in the script and the use of light was key to the design, reflecting his mood during his time in confinement.
On set on location in the trenches and in the farm buildings at Rise Hall.
Waiting for Dawn Trailer